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Report on QC Alumni Association Oil and Gas Symposium, by Dr. Terrence R. Blackman – Part 2

By Terrence R. Blackman, Ph.D. – OilNOW In a recent news report, CGX Energy Inc announced that the drilling of the Kawa-1 well, the first well at the Corentyne Block offshore Guyana, is set to commence before August 15. This undertaking is reported to cost close to USD 85 million. The Corentyne Block is 200 km… Read More

Effective Guyana-Suriname cross-border oil spill response crucial to region

By Dr. Lee Hunt – OilNOW On April 20, 2010, a critical failure of hydrocarbon containment occurred on the BP Macondo well 65 kilometers offshore the coast of Louisiana in the US Gulf of Mexico.  The event unfolded entirely within the US jurisdictional boundary.  That fact alone enabled a singular incident commander (US Coast Guard)… Read More

Guyana should adopt a natural resources fund that mirrors Norway

By Arthur Deakin – OilNOW Historically, countries that discover large amounts of natural resources, such as oil or gold, tend to create a Sovereign Wealth Fund to manage their newfound wealth. Guyana, which recently discovered 9 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, is following that same path. The structure of this new fund, known locally… Read More

Report on QC Alumni Association Oil and Gas Symposium, by Dr. Terrence R. Blackman

By Terrence R. Blackman, Ph.D. – OilNOW Part 1 On June 09, 2021, ExxonMobil announced newly identified, high-quality hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs below the original Longtail-1 at Longtail-3 offshore Guyana. The well, located approximately two miles (3.5 kilometers) south of the Longtail-1 well, was drilled in more than 6,100 feet (1860 meters) of water. This announcement has… Read More

Using oil to diversify Guyanese foreign policy – starting with India

By Wazim Mowla – OilNOW Amid increasing US rhetoric about competing with China in Latin America and the Caribbean, Guyana should use its newfound oil reserves to diversify its foreign relations. This process should start with India, who over the past few months, has indicated its interest in strengthening ties with Guyana in all sectors,… Read More

Guyana is lynchpin in southern Caribbean’s changing geopolitical landscape – Scott B. MacDonald

By Scott B. MacDonald – OilNOW In June 2021, Guyana was the host for Operation Tradewinds, a multinational military exercise, involving military forces from the U.S., the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, the Dominican Republic, France, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom. Although the operation was pegged “to enhance the collective ability of… Read More

Geopolitics of oil and water in Guyana: Part 2 – Ivelaw Griffith

By Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith – OilNOW The first article discussed Guyana’s geography and environmental conditions against the backdrop of South America’s lone English-speaking petro state. I turn attention now to the nature and impact of the flooding and offer a few prescriptions to address the challenge. Water, Water Everywhere Guyana’s current aqua condition calls to… Read More

A two-fold approach to lower emissions in Guyana: Exxon’s carbon capture strategy and a potential government carbon tax

By Arthur Deakin – OilNOW The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently set out a narrow roadmap for the world to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Annual renewable energy capacity will have to be added at four times the rate of 2020, which registered a record-high 280 GW in the past year. For solar… Read More

Geopolitics of oil and water in Guyana: Part 1 – Ivelaw Griffith

By Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith – OilNOW In the first of this two-part series on Guyana’s current flood travails, I offer an analysis of the country’s geography and environmental circumstances against the backdrop of the country as a petro state. The second article will explore the impacts of the flooding, explore strategies for current and future… Read More