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Our Story

Our Story

The Panorama management team have operated successful businesses around the Middle East and Africa since 2004. We understand the challenges facing contractors and organisations operating in emerging markets. We possess a wealth of experience in providing solutions. This results-driven ethos has encouraged us to create a broad and comprehensive network of secondary and tertiary providers across many insurance-supporting sectors.

By applying rigid focus on the commercial reality of operating in each country, and through gathering and analysing market data wherever our clients operate, we can truly make a difference to our client’s operational risk profile. Such knowledge is then used correctly in presenting a true picture both to the client and their insurers and facilitates meaningful engagement in the local economy.

Current and historic clients in Iraq include:


William Wakeham moves to Jordan and establishes an insurance broking business specifically for Iraqi business.

From 2004 to 2010, William Wakeham operates as the only foreign insurance broker in Iraq.


William Wakeham acquired an Iraqi insurance broking license, from the Insurance Diwan in the Iraqi Ministry of Finance. In so doing, he became the only foreign insurance broker fully licensed and operating inside the country.


A complimentary medical evacuation business with a 24/7 operations centre was established in Amman, Jordan. This was identified to fill the void of genuine “on the ground” medical evacuation providers in Iraq. This business was sold in 2011.


Having identified clients’ frustrations in accessing accurate commercial news in or for Iraq, Iraq Business News was established online as a value-add to clients and as a marketing venture for the insurance business.


A series of annual insurance gatherings were established, inside Iraq. William Wakeham and his team arranged for Western underwriters to travel to Iraq, to interact with the General Managers of all the local insurance companies.

Libya Business News was launched as a means of adding value to clients operating in Libya.


The Iraq Club was established.

A series of quarterly networking events were arranged for senior oil and gas executives in Dubai. It had become apparent that many of the international oil and gas sector with interests in Iraq, were operating from the UAE. These networking events therefore became an important way for senior executives to meet their peers and also to engage with senior Iraqi officials.


Alfagates Brokers Limited was established and registered in the United Kingdom. The company traded as an insurance introducer until full regulation was granted.


William Wakeham bought full control of the company.

Africa Business News was launched as an online commercial news aggregator for Africa.


Alfagates Brokers Limited establishes trading name: Panorama Insurance Brokers.

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