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Seven Power Plants For Oil Refineries In Iraq

By John Lee.

The Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) and Kunz have been selected to contract and design seven power plants (14 gensets) for several oil refineries in Iraq.

The generated power contributes to the start and back-up process of these refineries and is independently generated by two gensets on each site.

The complete gensets were designed and assembled in the factory of ABC in Ghent, Belgium. In 2015 these gensets were shipped and installed in Iraq. Today, the complete plants of Al Kesik, Kirkuk 1 and Al Qayara 1 are commissioned. Kirkuk 2, Al Qayara 2, Al Sinya and Haditha will follow soon.

An overview of following ABC engines/gensets per refinery:
*kWm & kVA/power plant

  1. AL KESIK 2x 8DZC – 2496 kWm – 3000 kVA
  2. Al QAYARA 1 2x 16VDZC – 4960 kWm -6000 kVA
  3. Al QAYARA 2 2x 16VDZC – 4140 kWm – 5000 kVA
  4. KIRKUK 1 2x 12VDZC – 3316 kWm – 4000 kVA
  5. KIRKUK 2 2x 16VDZC – 4140 kWm – 5000 kVA
  6. AL SINYA 2x 12VDZC – 3324 kWm – 4000 kVA
  7. HADITHA 2x 12DZC – 3324 kWm – 4000 kVA

(Source: ABC)

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