Privacy & Data Protection Policy - Panorama Insurance Brokers

Privacy & Data Protection Policy

In order to provide you with the services you require, we at Panorama Insurance Brokers will, initially and from time to time thereafter, collect personal information, commercial information and other data from you and anyone else seeking insurance cover with you. This policy document sets out how we will use, process and protect this information and data.

We will be the Data Controller and we will be responsible for decisions on how your data will be used and processed for your purposes and to comply with data protection legislation, in particular, but not exclusively, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and the Data Protection Act 2018 within the UK (for post-Brexit).

At Panorama Insurance Brokers we are committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of any information we collect or you give us about yourself or third parties. Please take time to read and understand this privacy policy carefully. By continuing to use our website you are agreeing and consenting to our use of your information and data as set out in this Policy.

How we will Collect Information

Mostly information will be collected from you directly, but we will also have access to some information from your use of our website and the pages you visit. All information we collect amounts to personal information or data to which this policy statement refers howsoever collected. We may also receive information about you when administering your policy or in respect of any claims you make or may have made.

What Information we may Collect

We will only collect such information as will be necessary for us to provide you with our services as an insurance intermediary and for us to comply with national laws and regulations. This may include personal information from you and anyone else requiring insurance cover under your policy such as full name, home address, business address, email address, IP address, bank details, credit or debit card details, medical information and such other information necessarily required by an insurance or re-insurance provider in order for them to provide a new quotation or renewal quotation for you to include, but not limited to, occupation, health, travel arrangements, participation in harzardous occupations or sports, previous insurance and claims history. We will not seek to collect any information from you which is not relevant to the above purposes.

The Legal Basis for Using the Information

We will only hold and/or process your information if at least one of the following purposes or situations apply:

  • For our or a third party’s legitimate purposes in providing you with our or their services, unless these are overridden by the Charter of Fundamental Rights (especially in the case of children).
  • To perform a task in the public interest or under official authority.
  • To comply with our legal obligations.
  • To fulfill our contractual obligations with you.
  • To perform tasks at your request or if you are in the process of entering into a contract with us or an insurance or re-insurance provider introduced by us.
  • To protect your vital interests or those of another person.

How we will use (or Process) your Information

We will use your information and data for the purpose of providing you with our services and the services of introduced insurance and re-insurance providers. We will only pass on such information to third parties (insurance and re-insurance providers) as is necessary to enable them to provide the insurance products or services as you may request.

In order to obtain quotes and to place cover, you will need to enter into a contract with us as your intermediary and with the insurer(s) providing your policy. This is the legal basis for us obtaining your personal data. The actual personal data requested will be that which we or your insurer believes is needed to assess the risk, meet regulatory or legal requirements and effect cover.

Your personal data may be passed to other intermediaries and insurers both when obtaining quotes as well as when placing your cover. Their details will be passed to you at that point. Your personal data may also be passed on to reinsurance intermediaries and reinsurers by the insurer to enable them to manage their own insurance risk and exposures. Details of such arrangements, where known, will be made available to you upon being advised by the relevant parties or otherwise following enquiry by you.

If we wish to pass on any of your information to any other party we will seek your consent before doing so.

How we will Protect Information

Your privacy is important to us and we and those we share your personal data with follow strict security and organisational procedures in the processing, storage, destruction and disclosure of your information.  This is to prevent unauthorised or unlawful processing and the accidental loss, destruction or damage of your information.

Your Rights of Access to your Information

You have the right to be informed of:

  • The identity of the Data Controller of your data and their contact details;
  • The purpose of any processing, categories of personal data collected, any transfers of your data to third countries and the safeguards and retention period of your data;

You may also:

  • Object to processing based on legitimate interests or concerns;
  • Request rectification of inaccurate data held and processed about you;
  • Restrict processing where the accuracy of the data is contested, where you are able to object to the processing, where processing is unlawful or where you need the data for legal purposes.

Your Rights of Erasion of your Information

We only keep personal data for as long as necessary for the purpose(s) that it was provided for. We control our use of personal information according to our Data Retention Policy which stipulates the period for which all data is retained and subsequently disposed of. The length of this period depends on factors such as statutory or regulatory requirements and business requirements. Typically, this is for a maximum of 6 years after the conclusion of a policy or final settlement of a claim. After this time, unless a situation applies which requires us to keep it for longer, we will ensure that the relevant personal data is securely deleted.

You have the right to request erasion of your data when it is no longer needed. If you wish to do so please contact our Privacy & Data Officer (see below).

Changes to this Policy

If we make any changes to this Policy that will effect how we process your information we will let you know and publish such changes on our website.

Identity of Data Controller

Panorama Insurance Brokers are the Data Controller. Should you have a query in relation to the handling of your personal data please contact us marking it for the attention of the Privacy & Data Officer at [Address and email].