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Iraq Activates Supreme Anti-Corruption Council

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has restructured the Supreme Anti-Corruption Council founded by his predecessor Haider al-Abadi in October 2015.

Abdul Mahdi said Jan. 9 that he would make every effort to allow the council to play a successful role. On Dec. 31, he said he wanted to re-establish the council in order to “take deterrent measures, unite the regulators’ efforts, address corruption and protect public funds.”

The council’s re-establishment comes after last year’s issuance of a report by Transparency International that ranked Iraq ranked 169th out of 180 countries in terms of corruption.

Abdul Mahdi, who took office in October, said Dec. 4, “There are 13,000 corruption files that the Integrity Commission is examining.”

Corruption is a thorny issue in Iraq as it involves the interests of influential parties. This has made anti-corruption efforts into uphill battles for the successive governments that have consistently failed since 2003 to resolve corruption problems despite the presence of the Integrity Commission and other regulatory institutions.

Sources: Al Monitor and Iraq Business News

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