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Market Entry

Market Entry Insurance for Complex Environments

When entering a new market, it is critical you understand all of the associated risks and the levels of cover required. With experience across a range of complex territories and sectors, our team of insurance professionals are well placed to provide invaluable consultancy and a range of effective insurance solutions.

Political RiskOur wealth of experience in emerging and high-risk markets and its network of (re)insurers enables the provision of the very best Political Risk Insurance (PRI) solutions to address a wide range of risk exposures.

Our bespoke solutions can help protect your investment when entering high-risk/high-reward territories.  This provides comfort to investment partners, freeing your team to get on with your business interests.

Where equity to debt ratios can be higher than in more mature markets, we have access to first class insurers with an appetite for new and emerging markets.  With strong market connections, and access to world class risk management and political analysis, we are able to create solutions where others cannot.  Furthermore our experience enables the flow of accurate information, providing timely solutions.

Our focused and granular approach can help to secure finance by ensuring contract certainty, whilst providing for traditional political risk exposures and currency risks.

Protect your business from non-payment of commercial debt.

Ensure that your invoices are paid, therefore allowing you to reliably manage the political and commercial risks of trade, resulting in safer and more strategic accounts receivable management.

Terrorism and political violence insurance cover an insured against physical loss and damage, as well as business interruption costs, as a result of a terrorist act or acts, or political violence.

Political violence includes riots, strikes, civil commotion, revolution, war, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, sabotage, coup d’état and malicious damage, and consequential looting.

With plenty of capacity in the market, security and price are key drivers.  Our clients are carefully guided through the reasoning and in assessing their exposures.

Under Crisis management coverage the types of events that may be covered include workplace violence, assault, firearm use, food contamination, and workplace accidents.

Events may also include credit card  breaches or the hacking of a company’s computer network by an outside party. The coverage may be triggered if news of the event is covered by the media, whether in regional forums or national forums.

Coverage will typically apply for a set period of time after a crisis event occurs.

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