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Employees & People

Insure Your People Overseas

Panorama will take complete care of organising and managing insurance cover and benefits for your employees working overseas in high-risk territories.

We work with all the major international providers as well as regional players and can design solutions for your international medical requirements, either as a family, a small or medium sized organisation or a large multinational corporation.

We can provide multiple levels of coverage to fit your needs and can provide cover in high risk countries where acts of war and terrorism may be a concern.

Our Regional Health Plans provide affordable cover for medical and hospital treatment expenses, wherever your employees live and work. In addition, we are also able to offer a strong portfolio of additional protection products to suit your needs and requirements.

Cover can range from a fundamental program which covers the essential aspects of healthcare, such as hospitalisation and aftercare, to an all-embracing program of benefits that will take care of almost all aspects of employee global protection.

Peace of mind for your employees and their families:

  • Per claim medical benefit with no annual maximum
  • 24 hour medical assistance
  • Swift and straightforward claiming process
  • Full cover for injury or illness resulting from acts of war, terrorism and kidnap.
  • Free choice of hospitals worldwide, excluding USA & Canada.
  • Full range of protection products available.

Personal Accident cover is one of the most important risk management tools for many contracting firms. Through years of experience, our tailored personal accident policies are designed to protect your employees financially, in the event of a work- related accident.

Your workforce is the single most important asset in your business and our solutions are designed to keep it safe and operational even when working in high-risk areas. Our solutions are highly cost effective, include war and terrorism as standard and include provisions for experienced medevac responders with access across the globe.

Should an accident happen, your policy will cover you against death or disability. It can also include income replacement, emergency medical treatment, evacuation and repatriation.

Not sure what level of cover you need? Our experts will work with you to find a solution that best fits your needs and budget.

Group Life Insurance (sometimes known as Death in Service cover) is a key employee benefit providing employees with a level of (company paid) lump sum benefit.

Often provided at between 2 and 4 times the annual salary, this can be an invaluable tax free benefit payable to beneficiaries at a difficult time.

Panorama has sourced providers who will give coverage almost anywhere in the world.

We specialise in providing support to our clients whilst travelling, whatever their needs. International travel medical insurance acts as a useful tool for clients travelling to and working in conflict zones or hostile regions for shorter periods. The travel insurance product provides coverage for emergency medical treatment and evacuation.

Covering both (or either) emergency medical evacuation and political evacuation, this highly specialised product is suitable for organisations operating in remote, frontier, conflict or hostile locations.

For the employer with a sensible level of corporate social responsibility, and in a world where events can unfold extremely quickly, this product can be used as a filler, to provide for gaps in coverage elsewhere.

Our highly experienced team have developed this unique product as a “must have” for clients with gaps in their coverage and can only be provided due to our huge level of experience in such territories.

Panorama Insurance Brokers are experienced providers of kidnap and ransom insurance solutions to a wide range of businesses, across the world. Unrivalled knowledge of strong and reliable markets, access to the most capable crisis responders, harnessed with absolute discretion at all times, provides peace of mind to businesses and individuals alike.

We provide you and your employees with the cover needed to operate safely in high risk regions. Should the worst happen, your policy will cover you for losses as a result of kidnap/extortion.

Access is provided 24/7 to crisis responders who manage the case, including often highly complex negotiations and payments when required. Our Kidnap/Ransom experts will work with you and your business to determine what level of cover suits your needs. Your cover can also include loss of earnings, personal accident insurance (in the event of a kidnap) and cyber extortion claims.

Another unique product where the client may not have the resources to purchase full Kidnap and ransom coverage, this hybrid enables access to emergency responders 24/7 whilst removing the cost of the insurance against a ransom payment.

It should be noted that this product makes no provision for the ransom payment, but does give the insured a far greater sense of security.

This ability to “phone a friend” can be invaluable to the organisation operating in remote locations.

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