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Physical Security

In emerging markets, where the risk and reward ratio is a significant factor in doing business, contractors often resort to the use of private security companies, for intelligence and / or for physical protection.  How the contractor short-lists, and then selects, such providers is important.

Infrastructure, experience, levels of resource, quality of employees, recruitment and vetting systems and ongoing training should all be considerations in this selection process.  Security should be complementary to, and not demanding on, the operations of a project.

It is advisable to ask questions of their licensing, their experience, the profile of their employees, who  their clients are and their pricing structures.  Security companies can soon make friends (and enemies) within a territory, so it is important that you understand their place in the local community and how they operate within it.

Do they understand the principles of “hearts and minds” as well as the use of force? You are putting the lives of your personnel in their hands, you should therefore ask these questions.

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