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Third party medevac providers are appointed by insurers and then named on your policy. That selection process is often dictated by cost and efficiency. But it is certainly advisable to ensure that your named medevac providers, often chosen in an arbitrary manner by your insurer, have full knowledge of, and access to, all relevant information for your location?

This knowledge could include full details of all the air ambulance carriers with available assets in your region, local aviation laws, airstrip locations in your territory, both inward and outward visa issues for your relevant (and often multiple) nationalities, RMR (repatriation of mortal remains) procedures, knowledge of and full access to the best medical facilities, knowledge of and the locations for relevant consular offices?

How well trained are their staff and how familiar are they with your policy wording and therefore what the claims “triggers” can be? Has your organisation done due diligence on these issues? If you haven’t, who has?

As employers with a duty of care to your staff working in emerging territories, the ability to respond quickly and efficiency in a crisis, should be right at the top of your priority list. These issues therefore, should not be left to chance. We believe in testing, adjusting and asking the awkward questions, so that when called upon, often in times of stress, the plan is reliable and the process straightforward.

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