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Ancillary Services

Trusted Local Service Providers

Of paramount importance to Panorama, an insurance policy must respond as expected, when called upon.  In emerging and frontier markets, with challenges of access, communications and transportation, not to mention security concerns, ancillary service providers become vital to both project success and to ensuring timely and efficient policy response when required.

Through years of experience, we have built and maintained a comprehensive database which covers many key sectors.  This information, combined with local knowledge has proven to be invaluable to our clients.

Panorama Insurance Brokers are licensed to sell insurance provisions.  We do not claim to offer advice on the services listed below, but we do care deeply that our client’s needs are fully met. This list should be used as a guide on how to do business in emerging territories:

Knowledge of air ambulance carriers with available assets in the region, aviation laws, airstrip locations, visa issues for multiple (relevant) nationalities, RMR procedures, knowledge of and access to appropriate medical facilities.

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Experience counts for everything.  How many cases has your existing insurance provider completed, in the territory where you work? What were the outcomes? Does the provider have a solid understanding of the key players in the country?
Can you ensure the relevance and usefulness of the advice that has been given to you?
Do you require assistance with local regulatory and tax requirements?
Have you conducted a cost / benefit analysis on the use of locally sourced professionals in these areas?
How do you select your providers?
How do your providers recruit and train their staff?
How well equipped are they?
What does their company infrastructure and assets base look like?
Can your provider operate in your chosen territory?
Can your provider use local operators and locally sourced services to help obtain higher levels of quality in these important areas?
Successful insurance claims adjusting and assessment in emerging markets often relies on how well your provider knows your territory and whether the provider has operated there before.
Does your insurance provider have access to the requisite information, the local contacts and the ability to act on this information, making use of a local network of specialists?
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