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Reliable Local Service Providers

Your business insurance cover is more than just a policy document, every policy has key local service providers linked to it.

Have you ever questioned the knowledge and experience of these providers, and their ability to operate effectively in your territory?

Our team have built a key database of providers who we know from experience, can provide the support you need when called upon.

Invaluable & Unique Experiences

You need to deal with people who have shared experiences and fully understand your issues.

Often reality on the ground can differ to market perceptions thousands of miles away. Likewise risk profiles can vary or be different a few kilometres apart.

With Panorama Insurance Brokers, you will be working with experienced professionals who fully understand unique local issues.

Protecting Clients Emerging Markets

Working in emerging markets in complex territories can represent unique sets of challenges and problems, from jurisdictional issues to requirements relating to local customs and cultures.

Working with people who have experienced these issues first hand, and who fully understand how to react in fast moving and sometimes perilous environments, can be invaluable to organisations and businesses operating in these markets.

We specialise in protecting emerging markets in complex and sometimes hostile territories.

Understand Risks in Operating Territories

Find suitable insurance products which not only apply, but can effectively respond when needed, in your territory.

Have you assessed and covered the key risk exposures and are you confident that your insurance policy can respond quickly and effectively, should the worst happen?

We know how to comprehensively assess risks and required cover in complex locations such as Africa and the Middle East.

No Obligation Consultations - Specialists in your Industry & Territory

We specialise in project risk transfer solutions for organisations in emerging markets. Providing consultancy, insurance solutions and ancillary services to comprehensively protect your business interests, people and assets in hostile territories.

Speciality Insurance for Complex Environments

With a comprehensive network across the Middle East and Africa, Panorama Insurance Brokers makes it its business to fully understand the environments where their clients work. As specialists with unparalleled experience in emerging and fragile states, this "eyes and ears on the ground" approach facilitates full risk assessment and therefore placement.

In such emerging markets this granular approach can make a significant difference in finding suitable insurance partners with the correct appetite and capacity, plus accuracy in pricing.

By combining interaction with local practitioners along with the backing of stable international markets, Panorama ensures that clients are fully compliant in this area and provided with relevant and robust risk management solutions.

Comprehensive Protection - Multiple Industry Sectors

Knowledge of Key Local Services

Of paramount importance, an insurance policy must respond as expected when called upon. In emerging and frontier markets, with challenges of access, communications and transportation, not to mention security concerns, ancillary service providers become vital to both project success and to ensuring a timely and efficient insurance policy response when required.

Through years of experience, Panorama has built and maintained a comprehensive database which covers many important sectors.

This knowledge and information, combined with local "on the ground" experience, has proven to be invaluable to our clients.

Special Ancillary Services - Safeguard Your Interests

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Panorama will undertake a personalised risk assessment of your business territory and industry, using a wealth of local knowledge, experience and contacts.
With over a decade of experience, our professional team cover a full spectrum of insurance services, we have a lot to offer many business models.